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What is Melamine-ware?

Tableware made of melamine-formaldehyde resins intended for repeated use is commonly known as melamine-ware. It is economical and widely used around the world due to its durability, and good chemical stability and heat resistance. Since melamine-ware does not easily break, it is commonly used as tableware for children.


Central began its production operation in the 1988 and the “Eagle” logo is the trademark of the products. A Perfect choice for putting some new Crockery on your dinner table. Give to your kids, elderly family members without any fear of breakage, as our Melamine Products are Shatterproof.​ 


PERFECT FOR ANY EVENT OR GATHERING Food looks so beautiful presented on this tiered platter and it’s very simple to put together. Party Bargains serving trays are perfect for home, caterers, office parties, banquet facilities and any other indoor/outdoor events. These trays are great for entertaining family and friends at get-togethers


Add your own LOGO, your company logo, image, photo, design or pattern to create your own custom personalized item. 100% Melamine Tableware is suited for all themes and any setting, be it Hotel, Restaurants, Banquets, Dining Halls, Bars, Pool Cabana, Outdoor Catering, Corporate or any other highty trafficked establishments.

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