What is Melamine ware?

Tableware made of melamine-formaldehyde resins intended for repeated use is commonly known as melamine-ware. It is economical and widely used around the world due to its durability, and good chemical stability and heat resistance. Since melamine-ware does not easily break, it is commonly used as tableware for children.


Central Melamineware Sdn Bhd (CMSB) of the leading manufacturers of melamine tableware in the Far East. With over 30 year of successful trading, CMSB has been publicly listed since 2002 (under the holding company CAM resources Bhd) and has experienced constant growth since its’ inception in 1988.

CMSB’s highly hygienic products are characterized by their particularly high surface shine, superior scratch-resistance and lasting durability. This makes them perfect for tables at restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more, as well as sturdy indoor and outdoor household crockery for a range of activities.

CMSB’s unique moulding compound creates a robust, non-toxic, odourless product which is resistant to chemicals, inflammable and heat-resistant to -20°C to 120°C. The instantly recognisable ‘Eagle’ logo is a stamp of quality in the industry as products are tested and certified under both the international organization for standardization (ISO) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

CMSB place a strong emphasis on customer service and our friendly staff are ready to accommodate any and all enquiries.

1. Safety and health & Non-toxic and tasteless
Melamine products are safety, no radiation, long-term use without any adverse effects on the human body. In line with domestic and international security standards, good impact resistance not easy
to broken, good electrical insulation, especially for children
2. Durable and not easily broken
Melamine product has high mechanical strength, if free fall from a height, less prone to breakage and cracking phenomenon. Because of surface hardness, it is not easy to scar, suitable for long-term use.
3. Surface smooth
Melamine product not only remains the elegant style of porcelain, but also have a light weight, attractive appearance, durable, unbreakable and so on advantages. Various styles, different shapes, product designs are bright and beautiful, closer to life and nature. Suitable for social and family, restaurants, motels, hotels and enterprises, it is also the best choice gift to friend and relatives.
4. Easy to wash
Melamine products are not easy being erosion from oil, gasoline, organic solvents, can not easily be dyed. Good water resistance and washable, apply to any detergents.